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Possible Austrailian Shoulder board and Crown

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That Shoulder board strikes me as being Italian, the crown for one is not an English King's Crown, and seeing that the RAN wore British RN stuff. Does the button have English Hallmarks?


The Red Shoulder Straps, don't know origin of those.


The bottom one is definitely English, and may be the sleeve rank insignia for a Warrant Officer 3rd Class.


Here a Wartime example of the Printed variety.



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The Red cloth shoulder boards are US Indian war artillery I believe


Yes, US Artillery removable shoulder boards for the khaki cotton tunic. These are hard to find when you are looking for them.

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Thanks all for the help I cannot see the back of the button to see if there is any hallmarks etc.

I appreciate the help

Seeing the back of the button to see what if anything is hallmarked on it is one sure fire way to tell origin.

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