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Translation needed please


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This is a strange one. The first characters are Katakana. One of the two Japanese syllabic writing systems (used mostly for foreign words)


プレパリール (phonetically it spells out "purepari-ru" I tried looking it up and found the word in a old Japanese medical history magazine. It then gives the corresponding word in German Präparier


Präparier seems to translate to Preparier (someone who prepares something like a Tax Preparier) in English


The last character is hako = box


So the box of someone who prepares something (but what?)

jap med.jpg

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Mr. Queen,

So together it would mean prepare Box. Still don't know if it is prep kit for Medical or Dental.

I am attaching images of the inside components. The first image is a stamp on the bottom of the box.

Dwight Brown




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