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1796 pattern Heavy Cavalry Officer's Dress Sword

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A 1796 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Officer's Dress sword, made from 1796-1821. Assuming that this sword and the sword in my previous topic (Celtic-Hilted Heavy Cavalry Sword) would have belonged to an officer in the heavy cavalry 1814-1821 (Horse Guards, Life Guards, Dragoon Guards, 1st - 6th Dragoons). There are family members that served in the right regiments, but a couple of decades after these patterns were superseded. Would they have used these pattern swords at all? We are assuming they were just collected, as the years don't match the service years. 


Any thoughts are of interest!





If you ever want a custom hand-embroidered (no machine) patch, I'm open to commissions! Pay or trade!

For an idea of my military collecting interests and wish list, see my profile page!

Looking for Crimea Medal - Original or Repro - with or w/o ribbon and/or up to four Army bars!

Always interested in French Resistance stuff and any diver pins/patches/badges!

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