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Vintage Post Cards

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I love military post cards, and have quite a few WW2 U.S. military post cards, as well as a few WW1 and Spanish-American War.


However, I managed to pick these up several years ago because I really love the graphics and subject matter on them.















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Very nice! 

I started out collecting stamps and postal covers as a kid and I guess I never quite got over them.


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2 hours ago, 45govt said:

Hello Bryan

Very nice and the post on your Opa were great

I have some early postcards (Sanke) as well, I posted a couple awhile back along with a couple of medals, a Pilot badge and an valuted Iron Cross.

Here is the link



Actually I did see your post the previous day!  Love these.  The Pour Le Merit was a really classy looking award.

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