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Swiss Camoflauge Uniform & Helmet

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I picked up an unusual helmet at a surplus shop for only $10 or so, not knowing what it really was.  My initial impression was Italian Airborne, due to the way the straps were.  I subsequently learned that this was a Swiss Army helmet.  An online friend sent me the proper helmet cover to go with it.

Later at a Goodwill shop in another town I found a Swiss camo top and trousers with suspenders.  Several months later at yet a different thrift store I found the camo knapsack to go with it.  Odd that I would find all these items in different locations.


Swiss isn't really my interest, however for the price - and unusual-ness of it - I couldn't resist!


If these photos seem a bit off, its because I had so much clutter in the background that the actual items were difficult to discern.







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