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Nice flags.  Rich A. in Pa.

1969 Shelby GT-500 King of the Road

Knowledge is power,guard it well

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Here is some info from the 'Other' Forum..

These are the official flag sizes taken from the KM Flaggenbuch:

Size#, Measurement, ship tonnage, ship type (The info in brackets is not in KMF book but will help you)

12, 450x750cm, over 10K, Battleship (Bismarck 50K)
11, 400x670cm, over 10K tons, B-Cruiser (Prinz Eugen 14K)
10, 300x500cm, 1500 to 10K tons, Cruiser (Leipzig 8.4K tons)
8, 200x335cm, 1500 to 10K tons, Destroyer 3K & Cruiser 8K
7, 150x250cm, 500 to 1500 tons, 
6, 100x170cm, 500 to 1500 tons, DE-Torpedo Boat 900 tons
5, 80x135cm, up to 500 tons, U-Boats and E-Boats, tugs
3, 50x85cm, up to 500 tons, U-Boats 900, E-Boats 120t 

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