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Vichy State Police MAB Pistol Rig


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This is a circa 1940 MAB Model D 7,65mm Vichy French State Police Pistol.  This MAB semi-automatic police pistol was produced by Manufacture D’Armes des Bayonne (MAB) in Bayonne France.  During German occupation the collaborationist Vichy Police carried it as the German nomenclature, “MAB Kaliber 7,65mm (Polizei)”.


This is the pre-war/wartime manufactured version of this pistol that has a long narrow take down lever underneath the slide near the muzzle.  Notice the State Police property markings on the right side of the slide and the maker information on the left side.  The brown leather pre-war Dutch holster has been extensively reworked by the Vichy French,  Notice the flap has been shortened and a new German style button and tab closure replaces the old metal loop and leather tab fastener.  The suspension on the back has been reworked and a new distinctive belt loop has been added,  The Vichy Police Dienstmark badge was used for identification when in plain clothing in the same manner as German Gestapo, Kriminalpolizei, etc. ID Discs.  



MAB holster.JPG

MAB holster close.JPG

Mab holster back.JPG

MAB French dienstmark.JPG

MAB D left side.JPG

MAB D right close.JPG

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Here is an interesting German manual for the Model D MAB that I just picked up.  Notice the fact that it is identified as a "Polizei" pistol made in France.  It also shows the long and narrow take down lever underneath the muzzle.  



MAB manual cover.JPG

MAB manual 1.JPG

MAB manual 4.JPG

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Thanks for the kudos gents.  


I think these foreign firearms and accessories used by the Germans during wartime occupation are interesting.  The Germans went to great lengths to absorb foreign military  equipment by way of modifications, reworking, and producing various manuals for German armorers and users of this captured equipment.  Photographs clearly show collaborationist forces such as the French Milice and Police armed with foreign arms and equipment and working with German forces.


Here is a photo of German Luftwaffe armed with captured British rifles.


I suppose I could have just as easily placed this MAB Mod.D in the German section along with Czech made Cz24 pistols, Austrian M34 and Steyr-Hahn pistols, etc.  


Lee Enfield Luftwaffe.jpeg

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