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Here is an older Japanese Short Sword (Wakizashi or WAK).  These civilian swords are one of a pair, one long and one short, worn by Samurai in olden days.  This one came back at the end of the war by way of a souvenir hunting US Soldier with some other edged weapons.  Some he acquired were nice swords and some were not so good.  This one has rather plain civilian mounts and a plain lacquered scabbard and a blade that it seems was cut down to be a WAK since it has two holes in the shortened tang.  Missing a few bits and pieces but it is what it is.



Japanese Wakizashi.JPG

Japanese Wak blade.JPG

Japanese Wak guard.JPG

Japanese Wak Fuchi.JPG

Jap wak blade habaki & ha.JPG

Jap wak tang obverse.JPG

Jap wak tang reverse.JPG

Jap wak blade.JPG

Jap wak blade tip reverse.JPG

Jap wak blade hamon.JPG

Jap wak tsuba & seppa.JPG

Jap wak scabbard throat.JPG

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