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Now I also took the opportunity to drive into the 9th Army cauldron.
In the woods around Halbe, Märkisch Buchholz and the outbreak of the 9th Army.
75 years after the end of the war and 30 years of treasure hunters, probably from all over Europe.
Not much left today.

The forests are huge and look the same everywhere, have fun walking.


Wald 2.jpg

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The forests are so plundered in many places that you can no longer find a coin or button.
The weapons or parts of them and full cartridges are often left behind.




Magazin 44.jpg



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Unfortunately, that too.
Looted war dead, probably a few years ago.
When we found a skull in the forest.
We called a gravedigger.

Knochen 1.jpg

Knochen 2.jpg


Schädel 2.jpg

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The gravedigger believes that there are 1 adult and 1 adolescent. There can be more. You will have to dig deeper there.
The gravedigger thanked us.
And we are happy that a few nameless people are getting their last rest.



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