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WWII China War Memorial Medal question

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This medal came with a small named grouping that belonged to a WWII AAF pilot that served in the CBI.  He piloted C46’s in Chabua, India, ATC 1333rd AAFBU.  


As you can see in the photo, it is numbered (looks like a low number?). The veteran’s name was Pittman. I have seen some medal cases that appeared to be leather.  The case this medal came in is a 2 piece plastic case that is also numbered.

Are there any records that show a listing of those that were awarded this medal or units that received them?


Were all CBI veterans awarded this medal?

Thanks... anything else you can add will be appreciated!




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From what I remember reading a while back, veterans had to request the medal through the ROC (not communist China) embassy. There were three versions that I know of. I have all three versions. Just to mention, there were two types of the pre-1949 version, I am not sure if any were awarded to US service members. There was a higher rank larger one that was awarded to a few US service members I think.


The most common is a red/silver foil box with foam padding and the medal was attached to a card with ribbon bar. I believe the foil covered box was the first version. I have one that came with the official ROC letter signed by the ambassador to China in 1975.


The next two I don't know which came next, I would guess the plastic box like yours. I assume the "leather" box came out last. This one has a really shiny polished medal, as the others came in dark copper. 


I don't know if the records are still kept somewhere of who was awarded the medals based on serial numbers.

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