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Imperial German tortoise shell cammo helmet

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I have had this helmet in my collection for about a decade. My knees get weak when I see nice original three color tortoise shell M16's with the finger width black lines. I just think they are so iconic. I love this helmet, and it looks great in my Imperial display. I have an original leather chin strap for this helmet that is pretty fragile so I store it separately. I recently acquired a light box, and have been fiddling with photos now that I have more time in retirement. Thanks for looking. 









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Thanks you guys for the nice comments. I am still practicing with the light box and noticed in these photos the square shape light reflection on the crown makes it look like a dent. In fact I had to go back to the display cabinet to make sure the shell wasn't dented (it is not). I have the figure out how to address that reflection. Hasn't happened on the 15 or so other helmets I have photographed. 

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Wow, nice camo's Stahlhelm. I have had several of these through the years. I buy them because they look cool but, they do not fit into my collecting interest so, they always get sold when something I like comes along. However, while I type this, there is another one on my shelf looking back at me. I think this may be number 9

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