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Need some help on what this uniform is ---any help would be great

Baron Krimmling

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Mark, did you notice the replies you received concerning the other uniform you have posted? I think member "Patches" asked for any markings inside the uniform. I would like to ask the same here.

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Ditto what Lars said.


On this coat we can safely say it is one for 2. Kurhessische Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 82, 2. Kurhessische Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 82 was in XI Corps, in the pre 1914 period each corps had different color shoulder straps, Infantry Units within XI Corps wore Red Shoulder Straps as seen here, with the Field Gray M1910 uniforms Red piping were worn. Just exacly when this coat dates from? Anywhere from the 1870s up a little past 1914, that Iron Cross 2nd Class Ribbon for all we know may be for the Franco Prussian War, a check for marking might help if they're there, just as in the other coat you posted.


Here's one in a muesuem in Germany.


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