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Here is a dewat RPG-7 I picked up recently, I believe it is a Russian manufactured one, but collecting Vietnam and Iraqi items I will plan on using it for those displays. 



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Kia kaha
Posted (edited)

Luv the RPG 7

Im trying to get one together as well, here’s what I have so far.


Yep it’s a sight, but with a difference 

The South African Army captured so many launchers they decided to issue it out to its units in combat over the border, they were short of sights so they contracted China (I think) to make some for them, they got the makers to drop the Russian type of battery and power the illumination by two AA batteries.



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Wrong order
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Nice sight, I have a Gulf war bring back Iraqi used one, not sure if Desert Storm or OIF but I think its a Desert storm bring back. Cover has Arabic writing and white unit mark.


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