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1918 Dusseldorf School Picture

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Fred Borgmann

1918 School Photo 

Many years ago I ran into some class pictures of my grade school class at a flea market.  Ever since then I find them to be an interesting reflection of their times.  Sorting through some family pictures I found this 1918 School photo Dusseldorf, Germany printed as a postcard. I say school since the age range of the children must have been more than just one class.  The picture is described as  “leaf collection”.   I am not sure why leaves were being collected. Were they edible or just for cooking fires ?  By this time due to the privations of WWI  the population was suffering from malnutrition and disease.  The kids in the photo reflect that situation and are wearing old hand-me-down clothes including a lot of old altered military uniform parts and enough military hats to make a collector drool. 

school photo 1918354.jpg

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