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Help authenticating some cap badges please

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I found these cap badges and belt buckle. I’d like to buy them but don’t own any and do not have any experience handling them. 

the deal is hot so I don’t have time to do a lot of research like normal. I thought I’d ask the group your thoughts of authenticity and private party value






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I realize I put this in imperial and not the third reich section. I apologize, please move or I’ll delete and re post 

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Proud Kraut

I moved your topic to the TR section.

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Perhaps care and thought put into the photography will gain better answers, that will be my only comment until so..

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My own gut felling is that they are good- I do like what I see, based on the pics.  The skulls you always have to be extra careful of, but depending what they are asking could be worth taking the shot. sadly I have the great new book on ss insignia at the shop- so not a lot of help here.

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