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Kukri knives


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Nice WWI military issue Kurki Rich.  Here is one that was brought back from the China, Burma, India Theater (CBI) by a US P-38 pilot.  He said he bought it in a local market and kept it while overseas.  He also brought back a very large folding knife that he said he wore while flying "just in case he needed it".  Quite a fellow who also had a reel of his gun camera film that he would not let go of.  He was quite adept at strafing runs according to the film.





Gurka knife.JPG

Gurka grip.JPG

Gurka knife back.JPG

CBI knife folded.JPG

CBI knife.JPG

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  • I’m new to this forum but I am a collector of military edged weapons mainly from WW2.  I purchased this Kukri and there are no markings and it’s really difficult finding much useful information on this type of weapon. I believe that the grips are made of Buffalo horn but not completely sure. Doing some research it appears to fit the profile as a sirupate version possibly from the 1940’s. Anyone can chime in let me know. I do have more pics. 






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