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 Hello  Folks,  I figured I would share this recent acquisition, as even though I have an idea about it, I would truly appreciate any additional information, based upon a more precise translation of the German terminology, & or nomenclature described within the assorted Documents ? WMF Member 'Sarge' was kind enough to provide me with a bit of introductory information, & now, based upon what he told me, I'm eager for a more detailed translation as to the particular Volkspolizei Meister's service career. Basically, from what little I've determined, he received the DDR / MdI's '10 Year Loyal & Faithful Service Medal', in Silver, & also that he appears to have been an Instructor, or Teacher of some specific subject or another !  From what I can see, & based on the Documents available, it looks like he served with the Vopo's from approximately 1954 through to 1959, or thereabouts ? If anyone would PLEASE be so kind as to assist me in deciphering / translating these Documents, I will be EXTREMELY APPRECIATIVE !!  THANK YOU Folks, any & all replies, comments, and or input will be very much appreciated.


                 Best regards,         dpast32

s-l1600 (11).jpg

s-l1600 (10).jpg

s-l1600 (9).jpg

s-l1600 (8).jpg

s-l1600 (7).jpg

s-l1600 (6).jpg

s-l1600 (5).jpg

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Proud Kraut

Very interesting grouping, dpast! Volkspolizei Meister URBAN was member of the DDR correction. These are different meritorious documents for outstanding achievements as a political trainer. I´m very busy this week but will translate the documents for you next week. Stand by.

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I THANK YOU very much for your kind reply ! Whatever you're able to tell me will be deeply appreciated. I will eagerly look forward to our reply, & THANKS AGAIN !


               Best regards,   Dom Pastore Jr. / dpast32

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A very nice grouping for your Corrections Officer.  I have not seen many of these Prison Police documents.  Here is the blue uniform for your man.



DDR Prison Police NCO peaked cap.JPG

DDR Prison Pol NCO tunic.JPG

DDR Prison Pol NCO collar.JPG

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THANKS George, I appreciate it ! Out of curiosity, is that above cap the same as say as would be issued to TRAPO personnel, except for the light grey cap band & Tunic piping, which indicates Correctional Branch ? I few times now I've passed on DDR Prison issue Tunics, little did I ever think I would come across a Document Group to one ? 

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Yes, the blue Transport Polizei (TRAPO) uniform, including cap, is piped in light blue.  The Strafvollzug (Prison Police) cap has light grey piping and chinstrap cords.  These police uniforms will also be property marked to the "MdI" (Ministry of the Interior) instead of the "NVA" (National Peoples Army).  


Here is an example of the "MdI" marked light grey Strafvollzug Summer Dress uniform.  Wrong color tie on my torso dummy though as it should be grey.   There is also a very similar" NVA" marked uniform like this for Rocket Troops I believe.  Confusing but look for the property markings inside.




DDR Strafvollzug dress tunic.JPG

DDR Strafvollzug dress tunic back.JPG

DDR Strafvollzug dress tunic collar.JPG

DDR Strafvollzug dress tunic collar tabs.JPG

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Proud Kraut

Here´s the first one:





For Faithful Service

in the

Armed Forces

of the

Ministry of Interior





As a mark of recognition

for 10 years

of true and faithful service

in the armed forces

of the ministry of interior



Bruno Urban


in the name of the government

of the German Democratic Republic

is awarded

the medal “For Faithful Service” in silver


Berlin, October, 7th 1958


Minister of Interior


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THANK YOU 'PK',   You are a man of your word ! I truly appreciate your very kind assistance. 


          Best regards,   Dom P. 

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Proud Kraut

You´re welcome, here´s the second one:


Administration of Corrections




Volkspolizei Meister Urban, Bruno


Has attended an academic year 1956/57

for administration of corrections.


The overall study results

in Marxism-Leninism instructions

were (not) graded “-----”


The overall study results

in special instructions

were graded “Good”


Signatures etc.

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Even though we know that the balance of the Documents are all basically School or Education related, I'm sure they'll prove interesting once we / you decipher the actual details. I've located all the related insignia I'll need for a display, except for the Schirmuttze which I feel I should have, & the Strafvollzug Tunic, which I'm not certain I really need, or want, as my present display area is somewhat limited. I think that the Hat along with the appropriate Collar Tabs / Shoulder Boards should be just fine, combined with the Documents of course. I will eagerly await your next translation, THANKS AGAIN.


              Best,    Dom

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Proud Kraut

For sure it won´t be easy to find one of the early cockades with black/red/yellow center worn in the 1950´s and depicted on the documents.

Dom, really looking forward to see your final display with these.


I´m afraid that I haven´t use the correct terms or phrases in every case so you have to adjust the translations finaly. As you have already noticed the last 3 documents are very similar.


Administration of Corrections




The administration of


UHA (Untersuchungshaftanstalt = detention center) Berlin Mitte (center)


expresses it´s appreciation to


Meister der Volkspolizei Urban, Bruno


for his performance as


group leader


of the Marxism/Leninism academic year ...



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Hello 'PK',   I didn't want you to think that I wasn't going to to THANK YOU so very much for your very kind efforts in translating these unusual DDR Strafvollzug Documents for me, as I would have never been able to accomplish this task myself. So, please take care of yourself, & I'm sure we'll come across each other here on the Forum ! THANKS


                   Best regards,    Dom Pastore Jr. 

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