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Japanese medal in it's box ID please?

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The Working  Dead

Picked this up.....I really don't remember.

Any info greatly appreciated.




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The Working  Dead

Did a google search and you were right on point.

7 minutes ago, warguy said:

China campaign If I recall correctly


1937–45 China Incident War Medal

Ribbon bar of the 1937–45 China Incident War Medal

Main article: Second Sino-Japanese War

The China Incident Medal (支那事変従軍記章, Sina jihen jūgun kishō) medal was created by Imperial Edit No. 496 on July 27, 1939;[10] and was awarded for service in China at any time from the 12th through the 20th years of the Shōwa period -- Shōwa 12-20 (1937–1945).[11] An amendment was promulgated by Imperial Edict No. 418 in 1944; and the decoration was abolished in 1946 by government ordinance No. 177.[10]

Although the Japanese government still uses "China Incident" in formal documents, media in Japan often paraphrase it with other expressions like Japan-China Incident (日華事変, Nikka jihen) or (日支事変, Nisshi jihen). The word Shina is now construed by China as a derogatory term.

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