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WWII Pin from Berne Switzerland given to US troops?

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Chief D

An interesting find. I found this pin with other military items (WWII to present) at a swap meet. It really drew my attention. Does anyone know anything about this pin? There is speculation from some that I asked that it was given to POWs upon their release at the end of the war also speculation it was given to US service members at the end of the war. Nobody seemed to know anything. Additionally, reading on Berne (or Bern), there is no mention of anything from the war. 

It is dated on the front 1945-46. The tiny text under the hyphen is "Huguenin", a company known for making pocket watches, medals, pins and such.

Any help would be appreciated. I posted in US forum with zero results.



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Old Marine

I don’t know if this will be helpful, but years ago I had a group it things from an 88th division vet.  In the group was this tour book of Switzerland.  Evidently these tour of Switzerland were organized by the US Army along with the Swiss.  Maybe your pin was given out to the GI tour groups when they arrived in Berne.


I don’t have the book any more but here is a link to one of them currently on eBay.  Judging by the hard cover souvenir books the GI tours were a pretty organized event.

the pin is a nice piece.







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Chief D

Thank you for your information. That is helpful. It at least starts to connect the two.

Best regards,


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