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Japanese Order of the Rising Sun 3rd. class in case

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Fortunes Of War

The Order of the Rising Sun (旭日章, Kyokujitsu-shō) is a Japanese order, established in 1875 by Emperor Meiji. The Order was the first  national decoration awarded by the Japanese government, created on 10 April 1875 by decree of the Council of State. The badge features rays of sunlight from the rising sun. The design of the Rising Sun symbolizes energy as powerful as the rising sun, in parallel with the “rising sun” concept of Japan (“Land of the Rising Sun”).


The star for the Grand Cordon and Second Class is an eight-pointed silver badge, bearing a central emblem identical to the 4th Class badge without the paulownia leaves suspension. It is worn on the left chest for the Grand Cordon, on the right chest for the 2nd Class.

The badge for the Grand Cordon to Sixth Classes is an eight-pointed badge, in gilt (1st-4th Classes), gilt and silver (5th Class), or silver (6th Class), with white enameled rays, bearing a central red enameled sun disc. It is suspended from three enameled paulownia leaves on a ribbon in white with red border stripes, worn as a sash on the right shoulder for the 1st Class, as a necklet for the 2nd and 3rd Classes, on the left chest for the 4th to 6th Classes (with a rosette for the 4th Class).


The badge for the Seventh and Eighth Classes consist of a silver medal in the shape of three paulownia leaves, enameled for the 7th Class and plain for the 8th Class. Both were suspended on a ribbon, again in white with red border stripes, and worn on the left chest. Both of these classes were abolished in 2003.


This award was brought back from the end of the war by a U.S. serviceman. The black lacquered case is in very good condition with only a minor scrape on the lower right front edge (see photo); the silver latch is in excellent condition. The plush purple velvet and satin lined inner case is excellent. The decoration is accompanied by its rosette, a ribbon boutonniere, and an extra, miniature suspension ribbon. The enamels are in excellent condition with only some age darkening present. The ribbon is in very good condition with only a few age spots visible.  The gilt fastening device is in excellent condition.  

IMG_6603 (2).JPG

IMG_6607 (2).JPG

IMG_6605 (2).JPG

IMG_6606 (2).JPG

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Beautiful order! Thanks for sharing. I have 8-4, and have wanted to get a third class for a while. This is sure a nice one. 

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Fortunes Of War


     Thank you for the kind comment.  The ORS is probably one of the most, if not the most, iconic awards of Japan.  I don't have the 1st or the 2nd...yet!  

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