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Rear-Admiral John Eliot Pringle, R.N. - Burial place?

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Posting this in hopes that there may be a member from Italy or familiar with it. I've been doing research on Admiral J.E. Pringle. There's a lot of interesting stuff about his career at the link below, but I'm trying to discover his actual burial place. It's likely in the English Cemetery at Bordighera, but if anyone would be able to help verify that, I'd be grateful. He died at his villa, La Loggia, in San Remo, Bordighera, on 06 Mar 1908.



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He may not be buried exactly in the British Cemetary at Bordigha as this appears to have been inaugurated in AUG1920 for British and Commonwealth casualties of the Great War. There is no listing of him in this section of the Cemetary as far as I can tell. The British Cemetery in Bordighera is an annex of the larger Communal Cemetary in Bordighera, and, as he died in 1908, this may be where he is buried if he is indeed there.

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This is the original grounds plan for the British Cemetery at Bordigha showing the layout of the 1920 British portion and it's position in relation to the pre-existing Bordigha Communal Cemetery:



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Thanks for this info! I will see if there is a way for me to check and find if he was buried in the Communal Cemetery. Good info. Thanks!

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Well, I couldn't see the woods for the trees, I have to say. There is also an English Cemetery at Cimitero Comunale di Bordighera, as you originally stated , and I think this is your man: Admiral John Eliot Pringle. Apologies for the confusion on my part, this is different from the CWGC British Cemetery annex that I previously posted about, my Italian language skills let me down.

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^ Thanks for the above. I do think that's where he's going to be, though I can't seem to find any way to verify a burial there. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that eventually.

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