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1956 Bundeswehr Uniform Regulations

Proud Kraut

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As a result of the cold war the new Western German armed forces were established 10 years after the end of World War II.

November, 12th 1955 was the "birthday" of the new Bundeswehr. I have scanned one of the first Bundeswehr uniform regulation forerunners dating from February, 1st 1956. The titel is: "Uniformen und Abzeichen der deutschen Streitkräfte" (Uniform and Insignia of the German Armed Forces).

I´ll start with Heer and Luftwaffe, dress uniforms . Please feel free to ask if you need any translations.






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Part II, Bw Marine (Navy) uniforms. As you can see contrary to Army and Air Force these came much closer to former German Navy uniforms.





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Nice views of the early Bundeswehr uniforms.  These have become hard to find nowadays.



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