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Belgian Army Denison type Smock, Jigsaw Pattern camouflage.


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A Belgian Denison type Airborne Smock in Belgian 'Jigsaw Pattern' camouflage; the label is on the inside left hand pocket. It is a large, size 7, with the 'tail' still attached. Made by BEGETEX 1970. Not sure what the PVBA means. ABL is Belgian Army. The shoulder straps have been removed and the zip may be a replacement one. The camouflage is the Belgian 'Jigsaw Pattern'  which was first issued in 1958 on a different, finer, material both as smocks, jackets and overtrousers; this iteration has darker and more vivid colours though the shapes remain the same. The material is a denim like heavy cotton. I have not seen matching overtrousers  in this material or colour palette.







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