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Italian Naval Officer Sword


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I picked up a nice Italian Navy Officer sword at a local Kansas City Military Collectors Club (KCMCC) militaria show on Saturday that I thought I would show. This Fascist period Naval Officer sword was complete with all the proper accouterments shown. The excellent plated straight blade is extensively etched with naval motifs including a fouled anchor but has no maker markings. The undamaged black leather scabbard has a rear sewn seam with gilt brass fittings. The top throat fitting has a single suspension ring on the edge and an applied fouled anchor on the obverse. The reverse has a stud that engages a hole in the folding guard on the back of the hilt to secure the blade in the scabbard. The center fitting is etched and embossed with another edge mounted suspension ring for the hangers. The bottom gilt brass fitting is similarly etched and embossed and has another small fouled anchor on the obverse. There is a rudimentary drag.

The sword hilt has a white sharkskin grip that has six rows of wrapped brass wire. The pommel is a rendition of a crowned lion with his mane forming decoration for the back strap. The gilt D shaped guard has a fouled anchor as its central motif which in turn is surrounded by waves. The end of the guard is a rendition of an eagle head and the back of the guard has a swivel section with a hole to engage the stud on the scabbard throat.

The hangers are typical Italian adjustable officer sword hangers rendered in gold bullion with blue accent stripes. The ends of the straps have gilt brass buckles that secure a loop for the snap ring that attaches to the suspension rings on the scabbard. This bullion hanger attaches to the belt with another snap ring. Hanging from this snap ring is a regain hook at the end of an open three section chain hanger, each containing a square knot. The sword knot is again a typical gilt wire Italian sword knot with blue highlights. The sword knot has a round strap with two slides in the middle of the strap and a bullion stem and crown. The ball is gilt bullion work without blue highlights.

I was happy to find this complete Naval sword at this small show.



Italy Navy sword.JPG

Italy Navy sword scab fittings.JPG

Italy Navy sword hangers.JPG

Italy Navy sword guard.JPG

Italy Navy sword hilt back.JPG

Italy Navy sword knot.JPG

Italy Navy sword blade.JPG

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Thanks for the kudos gentlemen. 


The accouterments seem to be harder to find than the sword.  It was great to find the proper hangers and knot still attached to this Italian naval officer sword.  



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