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Japanese Paratrooper Badge. Unusual variant. Scarce original or ........ ?

Eric Queen

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I included an image of this wing/badge in the Military Advisor article I did on Japanese paratrooper wings but as of yet have not determined/confirmed if it is a (scarce) original variant or fake or.............

These two (2) examples are the only two I have ever seen. The worn (backing removed) example seems to have legitimate (non-artificial) wear and fading. 

These badges (originals) typically will be either hand embroidered or bevo weave. This, obviously, is machine embroidered on what seems to be rayon. 

Has anyone encountered any other examples of this variant? 

Thank you


s-l1600 (1).jpg

6BA4D958-E212-4F1A-833B-E2ACE5710BE5 (2) x.jpg

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