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Singapore Army C 1 Helmet

Kia kaha

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Helmet Singapore Armed Forces used in 1990s. A clone of the U.S. PASGT Kevlar helmet. 





believed to have been manufactured in South Korea. These were later upgraded and painted Olive Drab. The camo versions are now hard to find.

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Kia you are correct the early Model C-1 helmet were indeed manufactured in South Korea until the early 1990's then production was shifted to factories in Singapore,

( International Scientific Pte Ltd ) at this time in 1994 they stopped producing the camouflage variation and shifted to a dark green as the base colour.. 

Production started on the C-1 in 1989 and they seen service up to about 2010 they weigh in at approx 1250 grams and were manufactured in 3 sizes small, medium and large, the helmet body of the C-1 was formed by a succession of layering aramid fibers woven to form a plain weave fabric that are then embedded in a thermoformable ballistic resin and shaped in a vacuum mould.. 

Your example appears to still be sporting it's original sweatband and khaki coloured chinstrap so was not updated with components from the type II helmets that were manufactured in Singapore..

All and all a really nice untouched example great lid Kia I am a little jealous to be honest..


Regards Mark   



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