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Search on the Eastern Front, Part 4.


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Eastern Front, March 1945.

The front has collapsed. All hopes disappear day by day.

The end is getting closer.


4 days looking on the eastern front. Day and night!
That demanded a lot from us 4 men again. Physically and mentally.
Everything was there again, extremely dangerous objects, but also human remains.

Who showed us the horrors of war.
The finds are a bit more this time, so it will take a while until I have processed all the pictures to be able to show them to you.


So much in advance.
The largest was a Russian bomb that was still picked up by the ordnance disposal service today.
Probably the most emotional finds are the remains of a forearm with a German bracelet watch. You can certainly imagine what thoughts you have in his mind.

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Our first day takes us to a small, symbolic place called Halbe. The place where the wandered cauldron comes to a halt. The Russian blocked the railway embankment. Only one more breakout seems possible.
We walk along the railroad tracks and find a police cap eagle, the joy of the finder is great.
A few meters further on, a wounded badge unexpectedly emerges from the ground.
Badly damaged. A steel helmet, coins, razors and a badly damaged belt lock follow.
It quickly becomes clear that a soldier used to lie here.
Which was probably found a long time ago, the rest remained lying around.

Wald 1.jpg

Wald 2.jpg

Wald 3.jpg

VwA 1.jpg


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The friends want to cross the train tracks. Over to the forest, from where the German soldiers came. Crazy, just as crazy as in 1945. It was clear to everyone who wanted to go over there would have to expect to be shot by the Russians.
We pack our equipment and run to the top for you. In a stooped position, we jump over the tracks and disappear into the forest.
It was already dark when we found three Russian 75mm PAK cases deep in the ground.


Pak 5.jpg

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The German army has broken out of the cauldron with their last Tiger tanks and is now in a large forest area.
The highway in front of them, here too the Russian is standing ready with heavy weapons above and below the highway.
We meet a friend on the highway and that day we are looking in the forest near the highway.
A beautiful Russian star can be found.

Stern 3.jpg

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After a long lap in the big forest, without any further noteworthy finds, we reach the motorway again.
A friend finds a wristwatch on a tree, bones come out of the ground with it.
It's the remains of a forearm. Nearby is a magazine from the G43 rifle and the remains of a rifle scope with holder, also for the G43.
However, completely destroyed. Probably smashed on a tree. The Russians probably didn't like that there was someone with a sniper rifle.


Knochen 1.jpg



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We are going to the northern part of the cauldron. Here, too, there are still remnants of the war.
Not much at first, 2 launcher grenades and 2 other seekers cross our path.
The launcher grenades remain in place and a lively exchange begins immediately with the two local seekers. The two seekers tell us that they found 2 Russians and 1 German last year. After a few more stories, we part ways again.
At the edge of a path, a friend thinks he has found a box. But it quickly becomes apparent that it is not a box, but a Russian bomb.
Quickly sent a few pictures with GPS to a friend at the ordnance disposal service and off we go.

The picture was sent to us by the ordnance disposal service a day later.


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A button that is a bit older crosses my path. He takes us back to before the great wars. Somewhere back in the 19th century.

We see a crown with 7 pearls on the crown. The button of a count or baron.

Freiherr 1.jpg

Freiher 7.jpg

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