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Indian Patka Helmet ( Safety Headgear )

Mark K

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I was very pleased to add one of these helmets to my collection as they are quite rare and hard to source and almost never come up for sale in the marketplace...

I know of only three or four other example in private collections, I do prefer the helmets that I collect to be at the least used and or field worn but with that said in this particular case I made an exception do to the rarity of said helmet system..

The patka helmet is said to have excellent bullet-proof characteristics and provide comprehensive head protection the helmets provide protection against fragmentation munitions and low velocity bullets, The patka helmets have been exclusively designed for the Indian Army, paramilitary forces such as the Rashtriya Rifles,CRPF and various state police departments and have performed well in the field and have been used in the theatre of operations in Jammu and Kashmir Provence's they were originally developed as head protection to be used by Sikh soldiers, as they wear their ‘Pagdi,dastaar so the initiation was to make such a platform which could be easily used with there head dress...

This particular example is an older model and the plates are manufactured from a high-density, die-pressed phantom steel a cushioning material is used in the inner lining of the patka helmets for additional comfort the weight varies slightly dependant on size 1.4 kg.to 1.5 kg.

The patka are said to provide excellent protection against 7.62, mm rounds to the forehead area 5.56 mm rounds to the sides and offer protection against 9 mm weapons systems in the rear and the area of the dome with an additional ballistic insert also available that can be fitted in the interior of the helmet to enhance the protection in this area...

These particular helmet systems are produced by a few manufactures and are offered in varying degrees of styles covers ( camo patterns ) extra ballistic padding such as neck veils, dome inserts and removable brims and are now produced with Kevlar as well which has lightened up the over all weight of the system, I have included a few photos of the Patka helmet being used in the field of operations..


Regards Mark

















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  • 2 hours ago, Ominae said:

    Plan to get something like this and maybe display it in my room someday.

    Ominae I have just helped a fellow collector secure an example from India a couple of weeks back..

    If and when you start actively searching one out you can send me a PM and I will see if I can as well assist you in finding one..


    Regards Mark 

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