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Italian Post War M 42/60

Mark K

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I added this example to my collection some time ago as I needed to fill a gap in my Parachutist helmets...

These were used from 1960 into the 1990's they weigh in at approx 1320'g and were produced in ten sizes 51-60 and were base painted olive green at the factory, this particular example is well marked and in a size 58 and shows a good amount of wear and patina to the liner and the exterior of the helmet body which is indicative to being field used...

I was very fortunate to be able to find a second generation camo cover from a fellow collector in Italy these are extremely hard to source and are nearly always missing the button on removable neck veil..

Circa 1950, the Army introduced a slightly modified version of the M1929 telo mimetico camouflage pattern that remained in circulation for the next 35 to 40 years, although based on the M29 pattern the Army (Esercito) version incorporates a slight condensing of the basic shapes, with a fairly consistent color scheme using russet or reddish-brown and ochre shapes on an olive green base....


Regards Mark











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