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Schutztruppen Belt Buckle


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I picked up a nice unmolested German Colonial (Schutztruppen) enlisted belt buckle over the weekend that I thought I would show.  Similar to the more common Prussian belt buckle with the crown for the King of Prussia (Wilhelm II), this one has the Imperial Crown indicating Wilhelm as the Emperor of the German Empire.  This Imperial Crown insignia was worn by soldiers and sailors of the Empire serving in branches, such as the Navy, instead of German State forces that made up the bulk of the Army.  


At any rate, this uncleaned brass box buckle has a white metal roundel that contains the "Gott Mit Uns" declaration around the edge and the more angular German Crown of the Empire.  The roundel is lead soldered onto the brass buckle as is common with this style of buckle.  These buckles were worn on brown leather belts by the various Colonial Troops known as Schutztruppen and Polizei Truppe.  



Colonial buckle.JPG

Colonial buckle bottom.JPG

Colonial buckle back.JPG

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Thanks for the kudos Gwar.  According to the period Waldorf-Astoria Colonial Book and "Uniforms of the German Colonial Troops 1884-1919" by Charles Woolley these buckles were worn by Army, Navy, and Police troops in the German Colonies.  I should say German troops though as most enlisted Askari wore a plain box buckle without the roundel.  Uniform plates do show black NCOs wearing the box buckle with the roundel however.  



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