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Canadian issued 1944 Dated British HSDR

Mark K

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British 1944 dated Helmet Steel Dispatch Rider ( HSDR ) this particular example was produced by BMB and is in a nice large size of 7 3/4.

It is thought to have been issued to a Canadian Dispatch Rider there are a few possibilities on the Arms of Service Flash ( AOS ) the first being Signal troops of the 4th Canadian ( Armoured ) Division Signals, RCCS, that was attached to the 21 Canadian Armoured Regiment ( The Governor Generals Foot Guard ),CAC, of the 4th Canadian Armoured Brigade ( 4th Canadian Armoured Division ) and or Signal troops of the 5th Canadian Armoured ( Armoured ) Division Signals ,RCCS that was attached to the 2nd Canadian Armoured Regiment Lord Strathcona's Horse ( Royal Canadians ), CAC , of the 5th Canadian Armoured Brigade ( 5th Canadian Armoured Division )

A recent addition to the display is a set of Amber lensed Resistal M-38 Safety goggles these were used by Canadian and British troops alike on there HSDR's and HSCRAC's


Regards Mark












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