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Gun Case -- Help identify use and time


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An Italian friend sent me this NEW gun case so I know it is Italian.  I bought a cheapo/re-stocked/export Carcano Model 1891 carbine.  He thought I needed some accessories.  He said this gun case used to carry the carbine on a motorcycle.

It is made of a canvas material and leather straps and leather muzzle cover.  The strap closest to the muzzle has a standard buckle.  The other two straps has a mechanical latch.  


I just wanted to know the age of this case and when it was used.  Since it has seen no use, I assume it is relatively new.  

I would like to see a photo of this case in use---either on a motorcycle or a truck and either WW2 or later.









He also sent me some other accessories which he thinks are WW2 surplus. 
He sent me a 2-piece cleaning rod but it does not fit into the stock; it needs a 1-piece rod.
He does collect WW2 military items.  What a nice friend to have!!




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