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We do believe you have there a Enlistedman tunic for  Ulanen Regiment Königs (1. Hannoversches) Nr. 13, the cypher is for the then current Kaiser, Wilhelm II, who was Colonel in Chief of the regiment


Here's another one sold a couple of years ago, a complete one with pants too, for a Gefrieter I believe, of the 4th Company (See Epaulette Button, Yours is from the 1st Company). That large White cloth thing is a Plastron, it was buttoned on the front of tunics for lancers for parades etc etc and was in the regimental color, which varied from regiment to regiment, the British and Russian Lancer Regiments used these Plastrons too.










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Color difference is throwing me off as well, I saw several on line but not as complete as the one you posted.

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