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Big Hello From Ex-RN Serviceman - Please help me find out as much as I can about this Gun Sight


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Not a clue about this Gimbal based gunsight other than it is a beautiful piece of engineering. I just don't seem to be getting anywhere with my research and I want to learn all i can about it. Please help, its how i keep my mind busy but this one is defeating me. When was it used, which gun or system was it part of, land, sea or air, who made it, when, etc., etc. The following is all that came with it:


British Military H.B Maker Sighting 1 Gun Scope On A Gimbal Mount

Many thank, any education is welcome, we're here to share, to learn to be reminded of the unique comradeship that we lost when we fell out of service for our country. Yours JW552406939_H.BMakerSighting1GunScope002.jpeg.jpg.39d47dbef2ce05d9b366525f276fab85.jpg 1390410055_HBGimbalScopeMarkings.jpg.65ddd200ba17c8538150f2eb2f487ee0.jpg

H.B Maker Sighting 1 Gun Scope 001.jpeg

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Try researching Surveyors level, these where used by Royal Artillery for sighting (plotting or placing) gun positions etc, and working out heights (above sea level) used on a tripod stand. 

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