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WWII German Relic Helmets

Strawberry 9

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Iv considered buying an example of the ones you see on eBay. Usually from Eastern Europe. While they are usually pretty seriously relic as you say I think that adds a bit to the charm. Frankly Iv just always been concerned that they too could be faked since I know very little to nothing about ww2 German helmets. Perhaps I’m being a bit too over cautious though. 

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Strawberry 9

I've found a couple sellers on Ebay that I've been buying from.  Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine has made that difficult.  I've picked up several shells though that I've been working on.  I've found a couple in the US as well from a FB group I'm in.  They're out there, you just have to do some searching.  I think the biggest concern with fakes isn't the shells so much as them putting fake decals on the shells.

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