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Australian military tunic


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When I lived in Japan in 2017, I came across this old tunic at the Japanese equivalent of a "Sunday market" at the local temple.  

I usually went there looking for Japanese antiques. 

I don't collect uniforms, but being an Aussie, I couldn't leave without taking it with me. 

The seller couldn't tell me anything about its history/provenance. 

An American friend suggested that it may date from the Korean war era, but he wasn't sure. 

The overall condition is very good, and appears to have little wear. 

I couldn't find any name on it. 

There are coloured patches on both sleeves, with a purple and green diamond on a grey background.  

There is also a small number written (in pencil?) inside the right breast pocket. 

It's faint but still legible, although I'm not sure what it means.  

I would like to find out anything I can about the tunic, so any info would be appreciated.  

Thanks for looking, and for any help!  





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The sleeve flash is for the 18th Australian Infantry Battalion and the NX35009 service number (I am assuming it is a service number) appears to be for Lieutenant Aubrey Harold Pringle, who was KIA in Malaya in 1942 whilst serving with 2/18th Australian Infantry Battalion.

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Brian Keith

Oh My! What a fantastic find! From the info "numbersix" provided, it would appear to match up exactly! From the service number, the formation badge lines up, and the rank insignia matches. Wow, what a story that uniform could tell! One wonders how it made it to Japan. Did the Japanese collect "war souvenirs" like GI's did? 

Glad Lt. Pringle is now remembered. Rest In Peace Sir!

Thanks for saving this historic uniform and posting it for us to see. Thanks to "numbersix" for the great information!

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Wonderful find.  The Australians are doing a great job digitizing military records.  Here is Lt Pringle, as well as a brief summary of service.


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