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Chad Parachute Jump Wings


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Chad is an African Nation that is land locked and located south of Libya and west of Sudan. At one time they had an Airborne Military Capability fostered by French influence in the region. Their parachute badge is depicted below. You can readily see the similarity to French Jump Wings. The wings were also once made by DRAGO in Paris. Always a mystery to me were the strange symbols on either side and also the "spear" tip in the middle of the wings. Thanks to a fellow Forum Member, C.D. Wells, I believe that we now have an answer to that mystery. The "spear" is in fact a Yaka Sword,  a traditional tribal weapon. The angular side adornments are Ngalio throwing knives, another weapon used by local tribesman. Chad jump wings have only one level as far as is known and only this one design although examples have been encountered in silver, gold and silver with gold accents. It is uncertain if an Airborne capability or a parachute unit is still part of Chad's military defense force. Thanks again to CD Wells for her research. Airborne!




Yaka sword.jpg

 Ngalio throwing knives.jpg

Ngalio knife -Chad.jpg


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Here are my wire bullion wings. They are what led me down the research path to begin with. Thanks, Triple Canopy, for writing the bulk of this.





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