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Belgian Congo Service Medal for Natives Type 3


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The Service Medal for Natives was instituted on November 4,1892 by King Leopold II, in his capacity as Sovereign of the independent Congo Free State The medal was initially awarded in a single class for good and loyal services by native Congolese. Recipients could be military, members of the Force Publique or civilians. The Type 8 was awarded for exceptional merit.


There are eight types of this medal, reflecting different sovereigns:

  • Leopold II version 1892-1912
  • Albert I version 1912-1937
  • Leopold III (the young Leopold III, designed by G. Devreese) 1937-1953 (as depicted)
  • Leopold III (the older Leopold III, designed by E. Brackenier and issued concurrently with Type 3) 1937-1953
  • Baudouin with glasses, French language only version, on both obverse and reverse, 1953-1955
  • Baudouin without glasses, French language only on both obverse and reverse, 1953-1955
  • Baudouin without glasses and no legend on the obverse, with a bilingual French and Flemish reverse, 1955-1960
  • Baudouin, identical to the Baudouin third type, but with crown suspension, 1955-1960.



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