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Tommy At The Wall 1961

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With The Brandenburg Gate in the distance A Soldier of the 2nd Green Jackets (The King's Royal Rifle Corps) stands watch in August 1961 when the Wall was coming up in Berlin. Good view of the British Troops Berlin Formation Sign, an interesting aspect is this unit in West Berlin did not wear nets on their helmets it seems.


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Dune Panther

Steven Billy Mitchell (pen name Andy McNab) was also a member of 2 RGJ (KRRC), although he came along years after the above photo was taken. Mitchell/McNab wrote a number of best-selling non-fiction books about his time in British military service, including with the SAS and with an intelligence unit "over the water" making for extremely interesting reading. His books include Immediate Action, Bravo Two Zero and Seven Troop (and perhaps others by now).  All outstanding and are of the sort that are so good that I have kept & re-read them countless times over the years.


Immediate Action first kept me company on guard duty at a God forsaken post in the middle of nowhere... where I could see anybody approaching (including my superiors) long before they ever reached me.    



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