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Formation Signs in Movies and T.V.

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7th Armored Division on Musketeer Gripweed, in How I won the War. while the division is real, the regiment is,  a fictional one, the 4th Musketeers, the Arc Lennon's wearing says 4th MUSKETEERS.


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Rather then start another topic go ahead if you're interested in posting phony Formation Signs n Movies and TV.


This one of Captain Edmund Blackadder in Blackadder Goes Forth, a Big Red I, this as well as his cap badge and collar dogs are made up for this TV series, a fictional unit.

black adder.PNG



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A phony divisional formation sign once more, think we'll be finding a lot of these LOL


This time from the 1944 wartime classic The Way Ahead, or if you like, The Immortal Battalion, regiment is also fictitious, the Duke of Glendon's Light Infantry, note the Arc DGLI


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A legit Formation Sign, a post war one for the War Office Controlled Units, the Arc may be RAMC, in this 2014 movie Queen and Country, which does indeed take place in the Korean War period.

queen and country.PNG

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A made up one by the looks of it, a 1956 Comedy movie that takes place in WWII, Private's Progress, (A play on the 17th Century theological work Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, one time Soldier and later Puritan Convert)


The More Familiar Actors in it, Richard Attenborough, Terry-Thomas,  Ian Bannen, and an Uncredited Christopher Lee.



private's progesss.PNG

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Another War Office Controlled Units Formation Sign, but this movie takes place during WWII, not sure if War Office Controlled Units was a WWII one that carried over in the post war period. The move is Two Men Went to War a 2002 movie, a true story of two Dental Corps Soldiers .



The Strip



Two Men Went to War.jpg


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A couple from the 1969 The Virgin Soldiers, takes  place in the mid 50s I think. Malayan Emergency, lasting from 1948 to 1960.


The Singapore District Formation Sign.



Lynn Redgrave with  Hywel Bennett


virgin soldiers.PNG

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On 11/28/2022 at 11:52 PM, patches said:

And David Bowie, Bowie had an uncredited very very very bit part in the The Virgin Soldiers.



Here he is he's a Drunk it seems, and gets removed from what looks like from  behind the Bar by the Barkeep LOL, it's so utterly brief that you must rewatch several times.


The Title of the clip     The film "Virgin Soldiers" 1969 (2 seconds David Bowie appearance!)




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Another shot from The Forgotten Battle, having not watched it, we assume they way they're all bunched up there, is that they have just disembarked from a Amtrac or Landing Craft on Walcheren Island and are heading off the beach.

the forgotten war 2021oo.PNG

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Here's another, this from a 1975 movie OVERLORD.


3rd Infantry Division  along with EAST YORKSHIRE Arc, as well as in the one photo the East Yorks Cap Badge, this being the 2nd Battalion of that Regiment. Insignia that's missing is the Scarlet Arm Strip of the Infantry.

Overlord 1975.jpg

overlord 2.jpg

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Ah yes the Tunes Of Glory, this 1960 movie takes place January 1948, as we see the Formation Sign is a Rectangle of Tartan of an unknown Sett, The Cap Badge is a made up one right, and the Battalion is not mentioned, only mention of it is by one of it's nicknames, we guess one of them, and that's The Friendly Battalion.


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Let's get the Aussies involved! Here are a couple of photos stills from the miniseries "AZNACS! The War Down Under." If you ever get the chance to see it, it is FANTASTIC, with one of the stars being a pre- Crocodile Dundee Paul Hogan.





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Let me add another one of an Australian WWI Formation Sigh, this from another classic, the 1987 The Lighthorsemen.


Anthony Andrews on the left there as Richard Meinertzhagen

light 2.PNG

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A sighting from thee first of the Carry On series of comedy movies, Carry On Sergeant 1958,  we see what may be a phony Formation Sign, hard to see as we see, as is the Shoulder Arcs. Cap badges are totally unfamiliar and probably phony too.

Carry On Sergeant (1958).jpg

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