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German Military Manuals in English

Dune Panther

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Dune Panther

While doing some research, I happened across a website that may be of interest to reenactors, historians and those curious about the WWII German military. The site is called "German Manuals Translated to English" and features "English translations of original German gun manuals for rifles, pistols,  machineguns, accessories, and German military training and equipment manuals" and states that "If you need a German weapon manual or want to learn about the German military but don't read German, you've come to the right place."


I am not a reenactor and can read German but it is not my first language and some of the more arcane German military terms can be challenging to decipher so many years after the fact. So this looks interesting, to me in particular the manuals on small unit tactics and organization. I have not ordered from the site yet but plan to. Link for those interested:



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