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My North Vietnamese Army sun helmets


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Here is my current collection of NVA sun helmets. Three being 1960s era (with the leather chinstraps and green painted red/orange fiber board liner holders) and one with a plastic liner and chin strap. The one with most the OD cloth ripped off seems to have been through a lot, Ive seen similtar looking ones on LK Military's website that say they were battle field pick ups. The high dome one still looks to have Vietnam red mud on it. No veteran history on any of them but im pretty sure both ones with the star badges came out of Vietnam in the early or mid 1980s when the collector I got them from went over there to buy stuff.  The plastic liner one does have some use to it, maybe a veteran of the 1979 China Vietnam war? Who knows but I liked the looks of it so decided to pick it up. I believe certain ones with plastic liners saw some use in the later stages of the Vietnam war though.





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Cap Camouflage Pattern I

The top right one is postwar, the brackets are made of plastic and the suspension is made of the wrong material, the other three are nice wartime ones. 

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