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Estate found German belt buckle and Iron(?) Cross


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Found at an estate sale of a WW2 Vet, these WW1 items (which I know nothing about) were bringbacks from His father from the 1st WW. The buckle seems to be a non standard prussian state buckle with looks to be a regimental number stamped on the bottom. The number is 108 R.  Buckle is also maker marked and dated 1915. The second is again, a non standard Iron cross 2nd class that appears to be silver plated brass. The estate people thought it was silver and cleaned one arm of the cross and is brass. the center is mon magnetic and meadal is all one piece. I like em as odd ball stuff and going to put them in with the other WW2 items that were in the lot. Enjoy








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The Iron Cross looks to be a 1-piece construction. The size of the oak leaves on the reverse side of the cross are very small compared to actual issue Iron Crosses.


Can you show a better close up view of the Iron Cross?


The buckle is a typical Saxon Model 1915 buckle. Not scarce in my humble opinion. I have several of them in my collection. It is, however, more unusual to find M15 buckles with regimental issue markings on the side of the frame as this one has. I have a couple M15 steel Saxon issue marked buckles in my collection. I have approximately 50 Saxon buckles in my Imperial German Buckle Collection.


Best Regards,



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