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DDR Cz45 Pistol


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I thought I would show a circa 1947 Czech Model Cz45 6,35mm East German Police pistol.  This small Tezet double action only .25 caliber pistol was manufactured in Czechoslovakia in 1947 and was carried by both female and high ranking male DDR Volkspolizei officers in brown leather holsters. This was a time of the Soviet occupation and German Police were supposed to carry only non-German made arms such as this Czech pistol.




CZ45 right.JPG

CZ45 left.JPG

Cz45 pistol.JPG

CZ45 pistol holster.JPG

DDR Cz45 shoulder holster open.JPG

DDR shoulder holster small back.JPG

DDR Cz45 shoulder holster.JPG

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