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Question regarding miniature medals


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My primary interest is miniature medals and badges of all nations and, for some reason, documentation for those is harder to find.  Can anyone tell the the regulations regarding WIDTH of Belgian miniature medal ribbons? I keep finding dimensions for the medallion and not the ribbon. I'm trying to solve a mystery.

At the the June OVMS show in Wilmington, Ohio, I bought a micro mini American Silver Star medallion/Bronze Star ribbon franken-medal and any now scouring the web for information. I spotted the same type micro mini in a group for a very high ranking officer way above my budget. I've seen these super small miniature medals for other nations and I suspect that this medal was made in one of those countries to be worn by personnel who had been awarded the American Silver Star alongside their other miniature medals. Now, I'm trying to find the specific ribbon widths to finds candidates for its country of origin. Belgium was one of my first guesses as some of those ribbons look to be 10mm/1cm wide, like the one I have.

Attached is a photo I took of the piece in question between an American and a British miniature medal for comparison. Above it is a typical American Ribbon Bar and below is a British miniature ribbon bar. You can see just how small it is from the US standard. I've since acquired a US mini SS and will have to take a comparison photo for reference.

I had to post the photo separately.🙄


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