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Another combat acquired NVA flag from a collection


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Hi all 


here is another fantastic silk flag from a collection my friend was able to acquire, heavily used in theatre and brought back to the US. I know how hard these original flags are to get and I’m lucky to now own 2 


Hope you all like it 















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On 10/11/2022 at 8:31 PM, Ivydiv said:

Great Viet Cong flag. The NVA flag would be all red with yellow star. The Viet Cong flag is red/blue with yellow star. Dave

Thankyou David 

i appreciate the correction and thanks for the kind words 

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25 minutes ago, Preppy Picker said:

How was it combat acquired?

As it belonged to a forum member on here I’m asking for more history, will put on the thread when I get some info 

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nice, both my silk flags have the blue and red material bleeding onto each other too, wonder if that happens when they are folded and not stored properly?



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