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Indonesian Kopassus Jackets


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  I normally don't collect Indonesian militaria, but these pieces were cheap and I couldn't pass them up.  


  The first shirt has the Kopassus badge, an Indonesian paratrooper wing, and an Indonesian HALO wing.  The foreign awards are US Master Jump Wings and US Air Assault wings.


  Clpth patches are the Kopassus patch, the rank of a Master Sergeant, and various patches that indicate qualifications.  The 5 patch is of unknown meaning.



The second jacket is a DPM jacket with Kopassus patches.    The chest has Indonesian jump wings, a Kopassus badge, and what I think is a marksmanship badge.


Sleeves have a Kopassus Para Komando patch and a Komando tab.  This could be from either the Group 1 Para Komando or Group 2 Para Komando.



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Whoa! what an amazing collection. Does this come as a set?

The Kopassus group 5 is the most elite unit within Kopassus itself (now renamed Detachment-81), if you ever want to sell it, please let me know!
im from Indonesia but never found this stuff for sale. 

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