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M/1914 Uniform


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As i promised earlier when i first posted my post,

Here is my set so far for a Norwegian Premierløitnant / First Lieutenant.

A Norwegian officer received 3 jackets :


      Våpen jakke / Weapon jacket

Let våpen jakke / Light Weapon jacket

        Befal jakke / Command jacket


But sadly the Befal Jakke is ultra rare to find,

Since the Germans re used and re tailored the jacket for their own use,

As they where similar in style and colour to the German m36 jacket.







Officers also received a coat.


Frakk / Coat


Inside the coats they have a secret pocket to reach

your holstered side arm for a quick draw.







Officers also Recived pants.



Ridebukse / Breeches

Feltbukse / Field pants


If you look closly at the Breeches, You can see it have been

re tailored to fit a M/1934 uniform, That is why you see a green piping to it.

But interestingly i found out that the red piping is still under the green piping, So

you could say it is a hybrid.






Officers also received belts, Norwegian officers

either bought Norwegian Swedish or British belts.


Sadly as with the Befal jakkeKryssbelte is ultra rare to find to.



Offisers belte / Sam Browne

Kryssbelte / Cross belt

Nagant Hylster / Nagant Holster












Officers also received headwear


Kepi / Kepi

Vinterlue / Fur hat

Stålhjelm / British brodie helmet


As you can see my Kepi have a Non commissioned officer button

on the kepi, As the regulation say it have to be a red button for officers.

But most likely it was a quick repair that happened here.







Officers also received boots of course,

Here is the good parts,


You could use British or German Officers,

Just make sure they are brown.


Sadly i do not own any boots for my set.



But here is some random pictures i found on the internet to show case details and other sets.







If you have not noticed it yet, Norwegian M/1914 uniforms are not consistent in how they look,

Yes you will notice a lot of differences in them, And that is completely normal.


You have to remember that in the era around 1914 Norway was a rather poor country,

So they used what ever they had really, That is why you will find equipment that might be stamped with foreign

stamps or other marks that is not made in Norway.


So you could say the Norwegian army was a bit of a mess when it came to uniform regulation.


i hope this will help the guys that are interested in Norwegian uniforms.



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Very interesting.  I do not remember seeing an overcoat with a breast pocket flap before.



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Did the Germans tailor the Befal jakke primarily for their use, or was this more a practice done by Norwegian volunteers? Would be very interesting to see a side-by-side comparison of an untouched Befal jakke, a converted, and a German to see how they stack up

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