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Published ROKMC Helmet cover


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Good evening, 


I just wanted to share my most recent acquisition. After years of trying to get an original ROKMC reversible helmet cover in the p64 duck hunter pattern, I have finally added one to my collection. This particular helmet was pictured in a very famous Korean/Japanese publication on Vietnam war uniforms and is also ID’d. It has been modified with an elastic band which was a common feature during the Vietnam war. Every verified Vietnam-used ROK helmet that surfaced has had the tails cut and modified with elastic. I am unsure why this was done. The photos are from the seller but I will load more photos up once I have it in hand! 






Showing the cover and publication 




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It has finally arrived from Korea! One thing that sticks out to me from this example and the others I have seen in photos from other collectors is the poor construction. The center seam is not completely straight on all existing examples and the stitching is haphazardly done. The black and white photo shows a helmet photographed during the war that saved the life of a marine Who fought at the battle of Cha Bin-Dong that also shows a cover that has had the tails cut and elastic added. 





Here are photos from the book showing this same helmet cover. And the last photo I previously forgot to add. It shows the beach side a little better




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Just wanted to update a previous statement with new information. Since posting two in country used ROKMC helmet covers have surfaced that are unmodified and have the helmet cover flaps/tails intact so it is safe to say modified and unmodified helmet covers were used in Vietnam. 

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