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GAUNT Australian General Service Badge Dating And Info. Help ?


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I have had this a long time and would like to find when it may have been made.  I am out of my collecting area with this badge, so any and all info. would be appreciated. I would hazard a guess at around WW1, but could it have been earlier?  It has the JR GAUNT LONDON plate on the back, and was told it may be rare? 





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I am not an expert on these ANZAC rising sun cap and collar badges but this may be a WW2 piece.  Supposedly most WW2 pieces have cut outs on both sides between the top of the banners/scrolls and bottom of the rays like your badge.  I have attached a photograph of different badges the majority of which are WW1 due to the lack of cut outs except the lower right one which is considered WW2 due to the cut outs.  However I don't think this is a hard and fast rule as leftover surplus stocks of WW1 badges were most certainly issued out during WW2.  This rule does not apply to the collar size ANZAC rising sun badges.  I read where supposedly if the rear fixings is a slider instead of these lugs it is a WW1 piece.  I don't collect these badges but I do collect WW2 era British made US paratrooper wings.  Whenever you see an added rectangular piece of metal with a makers mark like on your badge it is considered a fake.  However I can't see anyone faking these badges as they are still abundant at reasonable prices which is something that is not normally faked.  




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I appreciate the info.  Im out of my area with this one. There is alot of vague information on what is and isnt WW1 or WW2.  That is one reason I posted to see if I could narrow it down to some specifics.  From what little info. I have been able to find on General Service Badges made by Gaunt, the label may be correct. Again Im not positive and need more help with specifics. Is there anyone that you know of on the board that specifically collects these badges that may be able to give some more info.?

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your badge is good, J.R. Gaunt and sons marked a percentage of there badges with a copper/bras plate.,as for dating the badge see the below links.



Click on history and then rising sun badge



the 1st New Zealand Expedition Force initially had Gaunts and Sons manufacture their badges (at the units expense)but later 1917 found another badge maker who was cheaper and cancelled Gaunts contract.)




And yes there are reproduction of these badges, made as commemorative pieces.6A5613D4-351F-42D8-9650-2C657C9704BF.jpeg.aa4a7261971fe1ddeb0d2b44a062f73b.jpeg

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